product / 2013

2枚貝にプリントをし、再び離れる事の無いよう、マグネットで繋げました。〈and〉は“あなた”と“わたし” “You & I”。一緒にいることに幸せを感じてほしいという願いを込めた「and」という名のマグネットです。

The name “and” symbolizes “You & I.” We printed designs on a pair of clam shells and stuck them together with a magnet so that they will never be separated. The intent of these paired shells is that you remember to cherish the moment and feel happy to be with someone important to you.

Client_Koshin Planning
Collaboration_soda design
Design_Mayuko Tsunoda / Satoshi Hasegawa
Photo_Ryokan Abe